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We may be living in a golden age of TV, but panning through all the dross to find that gold can be time-consuming and tedious. For every much-discussed hit like The Good Place, Game of Thrones, or The Handmaid’s Tale, there are dozens of new original shows that barely tip the cultural needle. And with so many new streaming services emerging to compete with HBO, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and Disney+, it’s impossible to keep up with everything new to view. But The Verge’s TV section is ready to help. Our news, reviews, and interviews help you find the next Stranger Things or Black Mirror in time to keep up with the cultural conversation. And our essays and analysis invite you to consider the deeper context for what you’re watching.

ESPN Plus is raising its annual subscription price to $59.99 in 2021

The ashes of Scotty from Star Trek are aboard the International Space Station

New trailers: Tiger, Coming 2 America, The Little Things, and more

The Queen’s Gambit Funko Pops immortalize the show in plastic

Batman: The Animated Series and Batman Beyond are finally coming to HBO Max in January

Watch Nicolas Cage shout expletives in History of Swear Words trailer

The Book of Boba Fett is another Mandalorian spinoff show, coming to Disney Plus in 2021

New trailers: Bridgerton, Palmer, and more

The best movies of 2020

It was a dark year for the movie business, but some gems still broke through

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There is no ‘best’ time to release new Mandalorian episodes

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The Verge guide to The Mandalorian

Everything you need to know about the Star Wars show on Disney Plus

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The Mandalorian collides with the broader Star Wars universe in its season 2 finale

The best TV shows of 2020

2020 was the year everyone streamed

When we couldn’t go out, we watched anything and everything

The MCU is so big Disney Plus is getting a new Legends clip show to help you keep track

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The Mandalorian takes a stand on the line between good and evil in its latest episode

The 52 things Disney just announced

Disney Plus’ Loki show gets a trailer and a May release date

Star Wars: Lando is a new ‘event series’ coming to Disney Plus

Hayden Christensen returning as Darth Vader in Obi-Wan Kenobi

Star Wars: Andor starring Rogue One’s Diego Luna is coming to Disney Plus in 2022

Noah Hawley is making an Alien TV series for FX and Hulu

Disney Plus is getting two new Mandalorian spinoffs: Rangers of the New Republic and Ahsoka

Embrace your inner yellow blob with Headspace’s new Netflix meditation show

Disney Plus will add 50 new Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, and Pixar series and movies ‘over the next few years’

Netflix is making a 3D animated Sonic the Hedgehog TV show

Zoom, murder hornets, Among Us, and Joe Biden topped Google trending searches in 2020

New trailers: The Marksman, The Dig, The Mauritanian, and more

Netflix’s Selena doesn’t have a lot of Selena

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The Mandalorian is a video game hero, and the new episode finally turns up the difficulty

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The Mandalorian’s Clone Wars tie-in is the boost Disney Plus needed

Disney digitally removes The Mandalorian’s accidental crew member cameo