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From platform moderation on Facebook and YouTube to big government struggles like the FCC and privacy regulation, policy is where we take on the rules of the internet. Watch here to follow Ajit Pai's ongoing fight against net neutrality, and Europe's push to protect its citizens' data with the GDPR. We're tracking broadband speeds to look for carrier throttling, making sure your connection stays clean. We're tracking moderation and free speech online, making sure the policies match up with what's happening in the real world. The law isn't always made with the internet in mind, and with antitrust and monopoly concerns overwhelming tech giants, there aren't many powers left standing up for the open web. So check in here to keep an eye on those stories, and we'll make sure you stay ahead of the rules of the internet — even the weird and confusing ones.

Apple pulls iPhone app promoting secret parties during the COVID-19 pandemic

McConnell ties full repeal of Section 230 to push for $2,000 stimulus checks

Everything you need to know about Section 230

The most important law for online speech

Apple loses early challenge in virtualization copyright claim

Apple supplier Lens Technology accused of using forced Uighur labor

The supplier has connections to Apple, Amazon, and others

Your car may be recording more data than you know

In 2023, you won’t be able to fly most drones in the US without broadcasting your location

The FAA just shook up the drone world

New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop source sues Twitter for defamation

Trump administration appeals yet another TikTok ruling

Tony Robbins claims he saved his employee from COVID — she says that’s a lie

Now she’s suing him for making it nearly impossible for her to return to work

Google reportedly asked employees to ‘strike a positive tone’ in research paper

Andrew Yang is running for mayor of New York City

Trump vetoes $740 billion defense bill after Section 230 complaints

The ACLU is suing for more information about the FBI’s phone-hacking lab

The government blacklisted DJI drones, but some drone companies are more confused than worried

SEC says third-largest cryptocurrency was sold all wrong

Congratulations, the US got you cryptocurrency regulation for Christmas

Go read this Wall Street Journal report on Amazon’s obsession with cloning and crushing its rivals

How Amazon keeps its e-commerce edge

Twitter will make Joe Biden’s @POTUS account start with zero followers

Facebook offered to license its network and code to avoid antitrust action

New ‘felony streaming’ measure is aimed at piracy services, not Twitch streamers

Sweeping new copyright measures poised to pass in spending bill

Civil rights groups move to block expansion of facial recognition in airports

Netflix and Arthur Conan Doyle’s estate agree to dismiss lawsuit over Sherlock Holmes’ emotions

US relief package provides $7 billion for broadband

Cable companies can no longer ‘rent’ you the router you already own

Twitter is publicly declaring Joe Biden the winner of the US election — on Trump’s own tweets

Nothing makes me worry more about the SolarWinds hack than Trump now saying it’s ‘under control’

DJI says people can still buy and use its drones in US after export ban

A Facebook bug exposed Instagram users’ personal email addresses and birthdays

China-based Zoom employee charged for secretly censoring Tiananmen Square anniversary events

Prosecutors decry “Faustian bargain” for US companies in China

Foxconn tells Wisconsin it never promised to build an LCD factory

Wisconsin stands by its rejection of the company’s subsidies, but both sides signal openness to amending the contract

12 predictions for the consumer internet in 2021

Vergecast: two new Google antitrust cases and an AirPods Max review

Breaking down the biggest tech stories this week

US government adds DJI to Commerce blacklist over ties to Chinese government

US plans major expansion of facial recognition ity at airports

Judge denies Apple’s motions to limit testimony from Tim Cook in Fortnite lawsuit

Google accused of search manipulation in third major antitrust lawsuit

Dutch prosecutors say Donald Trump’s Twitter account was really hacked