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A quirk of COVID-19 tests can track the new coronavirus variant

Go read this New Yorker report on the failed response to COVID-19 in the US

US requires negative coronavirus test from UK travelers

Monitoring COVID-19 vaccine safety means sorting signal from noise

The CDC says the top global health story of 2020 was mosquitoes

A semester in solitude

After spending the fall in their bedrooms, students say their mental health has suffered

Frontline essential workers and the elderly next in line for COVID-19 vaccinations in US

Stanford algorithm decided to vaccinate only seven of its frontline COVID-19 workers, out of 5,000 doses

Apple just temporarily closed all 53 stores in California and over a dozen in London

A COVID-19 vaccine gets a little bit extra

Moderna COVID-19 vaccine second to get FDA sign-off in US

It’ll start to be distributed within days

Google now offers weekly COVID-19 tests to every US employee

Moderna vaccine gets sign-off from independent FDA committee

COVID-19 vaccine monitoring program limited to English speakers

Most doses of a COVID-19 treatment are going unused

The Apple Watch expands its range of cardio fitness measurements

Health care workers in US start receiving COVID-19 vaccines

We did the impossible thing, but not the hard thing

FDA izes first COVID-19 vaccine in US

Contact tracing apps promised big and didn’t deliver

Pfizer vaccine gets green light from FDA committee

Florida’s justification for raiding COVID data whistleblower Rebekah Jones is looking a little shaky

Google launches health research app

COVID-19 vaccine starts working within two weeks after first shot

With guns drawn, police raid 比特币官网交易平台home and seize computers of COVID-19 data whistleblower

COVID-19 vaccine monitoring program may be at risk of false reports

Apple and Google’s COVID contact tracing tech is finally coming to their 比特币官网交易平台home state of California

Health care is coming to grips with its pollution problem

Preparation for a big COVID-19 vaccine rollout is underway

Multidose COVID-19 vaccines will test state tracking systems

Hackers are targeting the COVID-19 vaccine supply chain, IBM finds

Facebook will remove COVID-19 vaccine misinformation