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Apple loses early challenge in virtualization copyright claim

The ACLU is suing for more information about the FBI’s phone-hacking lab

Microsoft and Google join Facebook’s legal fight against infamous spyware vendor

Big tech companies including Intel, Nvidia, and Cisco were all infected during the SolarWinds hack

Dozens of Al Jazeera journalists targeted in apparent iOS spyware attack

Nothing makes me worry more about the SolarWinds hack than Trump now saying it’s ‘under control’

Microsoft president sounds alarm on ‘ongoing’ SolarWinds hack, identifies 40 more precise targets

Dutch prosecutors say Donald Trump’s Twitter account was really hacked

Prosecutors say Google accessed private WhatsApp messages — but the evidence is thin

Months later, the great Twitter hack still boggles my mind

SolarWinds hides list of high-profile customers after devastating hack

Signal adds support for encrypted group video calls

Trump’s chaos made America a sitting duck for cyberattacks

Hackers backed by Russian government reportedly breached US government agencies

Go read this story about schools buying FBI-grade phone-hacking tech

Florida’s justification for raiding COVID data whistleblower Rebekah Jones is looking a little shaky

Privacy group files complaint against five online test-proctoring services

FireEye cybersecurity tools compromised in state-sponsored attack

With guns drawn, police raid 比特币官网交易平台home and seize computers of COVID-19 data whistleblower

Leak left 243 million Brazilians’ medical records and personal info ripe for the picking

This incredible exploit could have let hackers remotely own iPhones without even touching them

A Google Project Zero researcher found a stunning vulnerability

Apparent ransomware attack closes Baltimore County public schools

This messaging app uploads every file you send to the internet, which is bad

Zoom’s new security feature will let you stop ‘Zoombombers’ in their tracks

Capcom hack may have exposed 350,000 people’s personal data

Apple responds to privacy concerns over Mac software security process

Microsoft says hackers from Russia and North Korea attacked COVID-19 vaccine makers

US government says it won’t enforce TikTok shutdown after court ruling

Zoom has settled with the FTC over ‘deceptive’ security practices

Russian hacker group reportedly targeted state Democratic parties in repeat of 2016 attacks

Hackers stole $2.3 million from the Wisconsin Republican party

A cybercrime group is targeting US hospitals, federal agencies warn